Say Goodbye to 2020.

Say Goodbye to 2020.

Rachael AthertonNovember 10, 2020

2020.Sigh...What a year it has been.

We started this business late 2018, during one of the worst droughts Queensland has seen. 2019 saw us starting to establish the name "Gourmet Salts & Peppers" via regular markets, shows and festivals. Then, like others, just when we had a few big events lined up in Sydney and Brisbane for 2020, the world came to a crashing halt with Covid19. We have suffered and endured the same as everyone else, either in business for themselves or working for a business. I don't think there is anyone that this virus hasn't affected. We know that it will take time for Australia and the world to recover from this unpredictable and insidious disease. However, I am confident that if we all continue to remain positive we will get through this.

One thing we can't control however is the weather and here we are late 2020 and we are still in drought. Although we have had some rain over the past few months, it has not been enough. The paddocks are bare and the livestock call out every time they see us, hoping to get more feed. We are not alone. Many farming families are still doing it tough, buying in feed and water. We don't like to complain because what good does that do. It doesn't make it rain and that is what we really need right now. 

So as I sit here, looking out over the varying shades of brown that is our property at the moment, contemplating this past year, I thought what can I do to feel better. I can't make it rain, I can't cure Covid19 but I can give a little. Giving makes me happy and I always feel great when I can give. In fact we all can and if we show a little kindness everyday, it will brighten the world a little bit and make a difference to those around us. 

Christmas is nearly upon us, so we want to give a discount to everyone. This will hopefully make it easier for everyone to be able to give to someone else.

So when you purchase any item in our store, we'll give you 50% off your second item. We will also include a small Christmas card free of charge. On top of that we want to give everyone an upgrade to Express Postage at no extra cost. Orders over $75 that receive free postage will also be upgraded to Express Post.

For every order over $150 we will include an extra free gift.

So let's say Good Riddance to 2020 and leave on a positive high.

Here's to a Happy Christmas for everyone.

Rachael xx.